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How to Keep Leftover Sushi Roll Rice Soft

Posted - 02/09/2012

Sushi roll rice, like other grains and pastas, will start to spoil if left unrefrigerated. If put in the refrigerator, it will dry out and become hard. Leftover sushi roll rice needs to be kept moist and protected to keep it soft. Sushi roll rice can sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before it begins to harden. Keep it in the less cool parts of the fridge, such as between the deli drawer and the crisper. Cover the rice with plastic wrap or use a container with a lid.

If rice has gotten hard from being left in the refrigerator, it can be softened by steaming it. Use a steamer or a double boiler. It can also be done in a microwaveable steamer. Freezing the rice will help it keep its texture. Wrap the container of rice in plastic and place in the freezer. When taking it out, let it defrost or warm it in the microwave. This works well for sushi roll rice, but not regular white rice. Wet a kitchen towel so that is slightly damp. Line a nonmetal bowl with the towel, and then place the rice on top of the towel. Cover it with a second damp kitchen towel. Wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge. The dampness will keep the sushi roll rice soft.
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